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old Blake design
one of my first designs for Blake, it's changed a lot since then 
should i redraw some of my old character designs and post them here?
1 deviant said yes
No deviants said nah
No deviants said i don't care
self harm
trying out my new pencils
sorry if i'm not active often, i'm going through some personal stuff right now, also just got back to school and already have a ton of homework.
Chapter 7

After heading into the kitchen and Michael having explained everything, things seemed to calm down a bit. Flynn and Macey were sitting at the table, staring at Blake, who was busy investigating the kitchen.

"Oh, whats this thing?" Blake opened the drawer and pulled out a fork, staring at it curiously. "Is it a weapon?" 

"No, Blake put that down." Michael grabbed the fork from Blake, putting it back in the drawer. Blake just huffed angrily, turning to the cupboards. 

"So what are we going to do with him?" Macey asked, looking over at Blake curiously. After getting to know each other Macey and Blake had started to get along.

"Well, he doesn't have anywhere to go, and we certainly can't just let him free in the town." Michael let out a frustrated huff as he sat down at the table. "I guess he'll just have to stay here."

Flynn nearly choked on his coffee, "What! No, definitely not! Michael we are not letting an alien live in our house with us." Flynn did not like Blake. No matter how hard Michael tried to convince him that Blake wouldn't do anything to hurt or threaten them Flynn simply refused to listen. He thought Blake was a danger to them, but Blake was more interested in things like 'the mini spears' (forks) and 'the strange metal box that incinerates things' (toaster). Honestly, Blake was ,more of a threat to himself.

"But Flynn, what else are we supposed to do with him? You know we can't just lock him up again, there's really no other option."

"I have no problem with locking him back up." Flynn mumbled angrily.

"Michael has a point you know, Flynn." Macey spoke up, "And Blake's actually not that bad of a guy once you get to know him, and we are definitely not sending the poor guy back to the basement." Once Michael had explained how long Blake had been trapped and how miserable he had looked, Macey had took pity on him and had come to accept him.

"No way." Flynn stood up, and, crossing his arms, marched out into the living room.

"I'll go talk to him." Macey offered, standing up and following Flynn.
Michael let out a heavy sigh, there was no way he could convince Flynn to let Blake stay, now what were they going to do?

"Are you sure these aren't weapons? they're pretty sharp, and work quite well." Michael turned his head to look at Blake, who had a fork in each hand as well as a few others which were sticking out of one of his shoulders.

"Blake what the heck are you doing!" Michael got up and rushed over to Blake, who had one of the other forks raised, pointing towards his eye. He snatched the fork out of Blake's hand, as well as the others, pulling them out of his shoulder. He then went and got a bandage, but before he could wrap it around Blake's arm, the alien dodged out of the way, hissing and dripping gold liquid everywhere. "Whats that," Michael stopped and gently grabbed Blake's arm, staring at the slightly sparkling gold that seeped from the wounds on his shoulder.
"You have gold blood?"

"Yep, everyone on my planet does." Blake walked over to the table and sat down, deciding to let Michael wrap the bandage around his shoulder.

As Michael sat down next to Blake a question came to his mind. "Do you miss your home Blake?"

Blake turned to face him so suddenly Michael nearly fell off his seat. "Of course not! Why should i?"

"Well, i mean, why are you here on Earth anyway?"

"That's none of your business!" Blake snarled, and Michael shrank down in his seat.

Blake sighed, "I was sent here because everyone back on my planet hated me and wanted to get rid of me. Even if i did miss home it's not like i can go back, they would just kill me."

Michael sat up straight and looked over at Blake, who seemed unnaturally calm. "But what about your family, didn't they try to do something to help you?" 

Blake turned to face him, "My family? Ha! My parents were more than happy to get rid of me, heck, they were the ones who suggested sending me to this stupid planet in the first place! My brothers didn't even try to help me!" Blake wanted to be angry, but the fact that even his own family didn't want him made him frown and his ears droop.

"So you were sent to Earth because nobody wanted or cared about you, you didn't do anything wrong?" Michael looked up at Blake, he looked as miserable as he had down in the basement. 

"Pretty much, yeah." Blake paused for a second, then opened his mouth to say something else, but was interrupted by Macey re-entering the kitchen.

"Good news Blake, you get to stay!" 


xkittysprinklesx's Profile Picture
hey, i'm Isabelle, i am in secondary college/middle school, and my interests are reading, drawing, writing and watching cartoons/anime.
books i read: Warriors by Erin Hunter, Wings Of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland.
cartoons/anime i watch: Gravity Falls, Voltron.

should i redraw some of my old character designs and post them here? 

1 deviant said yes
No deviants said nah
No deviants said i don't care


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